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TKMV STUDIO Animated Series

Updated: Aug 26, 2021

In-House Animations Categories

We've created three categories to house our animations and each category comes with its unique icon so they can be identified. Our animations are designed to benefit our authors, build our community of storytellers and supporting our creators who help put the project together. As a start, our stories are revolving around horror and will eventually span out into other genres and cultures. The goal is simply for us to create our style of animations and content for our community to gather around. Think of this as a small step towards something bigger but let's get this ball rolling!


Featured Stories

Featured Stories is a category dedicated to our authors who are willing to be part of our program to bring their stories to life while getting some perks out it. The incoming stories are selected in a couple ways. We either hunt down stories from authors we know within our network or the stories are sent to us through email, and we'll select the ones that fit our branding. Once the stories are selected, we move through the different phases of production until its completed. When the animation is finished and posted to our YouTube channel, then the perks come into play to compensate our authors for sharing their works with us.

Cat Scratch Fever by Roxie Prince is our first animation to kick off this category and to see it, simply click the cover art below!


Bad Dreams

Bad Dreams will follow the layout of an episodic series, meaning each Bad Dreams animation will have an episode number tied to them. As the name suggest, these stories are coming from our bad dreams and trust me, we have plenty of them. The stories for these animations will mainly be coming from within the studio itself, with horror being our main genre. These can take a scary turn that feels common to many but we don't realize those fears until we see them come to life.

Bad Dream #01: Don't Blink by Jessica McEvoy is the first animation to kick off this category and is the first animation in general to kick off this entire project. So take a moment to see this scary animation, and try not to blink or else you'll miss the horrifying twist!


Liminal broadcasting

LIMINAL BROADCASTING is especially different out of the three categories. Meaning that the stories that fall into this category can take place in alternate realities, strange visuals with a mixture of science fiction and a bit of "what you see, isn't always what you get." These stories are design to make you think about what's going on and have the tendency to be a real head scratcher.

Unfortunately, in the timing of this blog we don't have any animations produce yet to share with you in this category. Regardless, I encourage our dear readers continue to follow us to stay up to date as we continue producing more content.


As we push onward, consider supporting on Patreon to help bring these projects to life or buy some merch from our store. Either way, we appreciate every one of you for your growing support!

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