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Local Community

Here in the deserts of Arizona, we're out and about going to local farmer's markets and different events across the valley to engage with our community. To share the stories from different cultures and people through our illustration and animation.

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By joining our Patreon, you'll get exclusive access to incoming stories, new content ideas, projects concepts and so much more. Content that dives into stories that show we're all just people living on the same planet.

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new Series

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With three new series on the way, each one has it's own style of storytelling whether it's from authors, warped reality or strange dreams that make you want hide under a blanket. Whatever it is, stay up to date with our content by joining our newsletter.

Check out our "Don't Blink" animation that became the catalyst to many more unique and strange animated stories. 

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Streaming Every:


Whether we're playing games or just working on various projects, stop in to learn more and let's chat!

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A phrase that was born between two friends that struggled through life at college and the hardships of the world around them. They find one second of peace that was created over a hot bowl of rice and a side of orange chicken; it proves that food can supply a moment of freedom from the world around.

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