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Our Projects

Our projects range from illustrations to animations and to films. To bring the very best service under one roof! With the aim to share stories in different styles, coming from different people and sharing it with the rest of the world.


Exploring with Yazzy & JJazzy

Our first, in-house animated series is designed to focus on Arizona and STEAM education to provide lower-income youth an opportunity to find a new career path. 

Phoenix Herpetological Sanctuary

Putting together an exciting and fun animation for the largest reptile sanctuary in the United States! Learn exciting facts about wonderful Arizona Rattlesnakes in a way that makes you want to smile.

HS_Statue Signs _Props01_edited.jpg

The Happy Statue

The story of a bronze statue with a strong pose inspires many on a daily basis. One day, a little girl notices that the statue is hiding how it truly feels and she decides to do something to help him out.

Planting Solar Documentary

Working alongside the Arizona Sustainability Alliance to produce a documentary about a small farmer named Maya and her mission to bring healthy food to everyone.

Maya's Farm
Forest God.jpg

Protectors of Nature

The "Protectors of Nature" is a story in an alternate world where three legendary protectors have vanished and leaving humanity to face a cruel reality. A story designed to teach us of what is to come if we're not careful. 

horror beats

Looking for something spooky to fill your visual playlist? Lucky for you, you don't need to go far because we can do it all right here for you! By combining 3D sculpting with music.

Horror Beats_0002.jpg
TAPG_Front Cover Only_ebook-01_edited.jpg

The Adventures of PRincess and Goose

Working with Flat Mountain Publishing to bring a continuing book series with characters based on their real-life counterparts filled with adventures and fun, puppy humor.

Don't Blink

As our first horror story animation to an ongoing series of strange nightmares, alternate realities and warped dreams coming from a variety of storytellers and authors.

Cat Scratch Fever Promo Art.jpg

Cat Scratch Fever

Our second horror animation is out and based on the original story written by Roxie Prince. We all heard about doppelgangers but what happens when you meet one up close and personal?

Fort Flevum

Are you a history buff? Check out the legendary Fort Flevum as Filaxim Historia breaks down each section of the fort to show us what everyday life is like as Roman soldiers.


fort mobene

Looking for more history? You got it! Take another dive into another fort that looks oddly familiar but from a different period than what you expect. Explore the details of this Roman fort and why it's so unique from the others.

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