We've collaborated with The NoSleep Podcast to make our first experimental 3D animated Christmas horror story as part of an ongoing series of scary animations!

Have a story of your own? Check out below for more and join our journey as we learn new techniques, vote on new projects, and research through playing various videogames to craft our horrific vision!

Good Evening.jpg

Why Join?

Witness strange, supernatural and spooky stories come to life through the power of motion comics. Even take part in our creative process by voting on different elements like characters, monsters, and various sceneries.


Want  to learn something new? Need some tips or tricks? No problem, learn as we learn, try as we try, and grow as we grow as we put our skills to the test through a variety of different 3D projects.


Like what you see far? Then join in and send us what you got!

Send your stories to tkmvstudio.story@gmail.com

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