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Animation Brush: The Animation POdcast

TKMV STUDIO presents our first podcast, "Animation Brush: The Animation Podcast," to give our fans insights, tips, news, updates, and chats about all things in the entertainment industry ranging from films to video games!

"ZT Animation Brush: The Animation Brush" is a fantastic combination of both light-hearted humor and knowledge to dive deeper into the world of animation for video games, films, TV, and more! At the same time, we'll share our experiences working on a variety of projects, as well as our projects, and share our progress as we move our way up in this competitive industry. Trust us! We have our questions too! So join us as we figure this out together and explore this wilderness of all things animation!

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Meet your Host:

Join Zanaa Ramirez and Tony Pham, both visual designers and ambitious artists, food-loving people, but one tells the jokes, and the other, just listens. Don't be surprised if we go off on random tangents only to route back to our topic with grace! So join the fun, and let's get started!

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