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Work smarter, Not Harder

Sharing stories or preparing new content can be tricky at times. What brings it together is through the power of visuals, whether it's through fun color or animations. The goal is to captivate and make it easier for your audience to learn valuable lessons and morals as they grow with you.

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The Difference

We thrive in diversity and flexibility, not only in our team but also in our community. To bring together what is significant to future generations through the power of storytelling in animations and illustrations. With the combination of narratives and education through different topics ranging from history, art to fantasy and science fiction.


Adding value for a powerful and long lasting brand.


Building and sharing stories to build a better business today for a lasting business tomorrow.


Build a budget and begin planning a process that works for you from start to finish.


Excellent communication through every stage of the project and on time delivery.

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Stories come to Life

We breathe life into different stories through our unique styles of illustrations for either children's books, poems, and so much more!

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Power of 3D

Our unique 3D designs can be used for educational content, podcasting, animation, music and any other way to advertise what you do and love!


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Sohrab Rezvan, Author & Founder of Flat Mountain Publishing

“I started working with Tony Pham of TKMV Studio in September 2021. Over the last two years, Tony has helped me illustrate and produce four children's books. Tony's scope of work included character designs, thumbnails, page layouts, full color illustrations, and publication-ready files. Tony's work has always been high quality and he has always delivered on time. I appreciated Tony's focus on collaboration and partnership throughout our time working together."
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